Most of my work deals with space. What is shown on the pictures is often secondary. This is true, whether underbrush or architecture, Kopli or Paris is on the photos. As an introduction to the objects or the space between the objects in the art city, I would like to cite the classics on photography as a language:

/—/ “But the very question of whether photography is or is not an art is essentially a misleading one. Although photography generates works that can be called art – it requires subjectivity, it can lie, itgives aesthetic pleasure – photography is not, to begin with, an art form at all. Like language, it is a medium in which works of art (among other things) are made. Out of language, one can make scientific discourse, bureaucratic memoranda, love letters, grocery lists, and Balzac’s Paris. Out of photography, one can make passport pictures, weather photographs, pornographic pictures, X-rays, wedding pictures, and Atget’s Paris.” /—/

― Susan Sontag, On Photography