I consider aerial photography to be one of my important fields of activity. I also look for art photosamong them, but seldom find them. Of every thousand, there’s one that deserves to be exhibited. Mostly, these have been at city-themed exhibitions. Another reality prevails in aerial photography. Everything occurs in a split second and in circumstances that are much more unpredictable than when you are photographing a single object. You have to take the photo when you can – you have little to say in the matter. However, when taking panoramic photos of the city, it was possible to carefully choose the time, and to wait for the right weather, etc.

For the most part aerial photography offers a perspective of the world that is normally only glimpsed from an airplane window. The unexpected experience, ways of seeing the patterns of apartment blocks, the natural world of fields, beaches, industrial heartlands, cloudscapes from the air, deal with the fundamental questions of being there and in the world. These are not simply a visual feast of images, but also social documents of our lives, a composition of existence and the fabric of space and time.