Aldo Rossi

Pale Photos Between The World Of The Living And Dead

Views from Aldo Rossi’s Gallaratese residential housing complex in Milan

Johannes Saar, art critic:

/—/ One need not know anything about Aldo Rossi or architecture to understand what Arne Maasik, admires in his buildings. Silence, peace, meditative balance, and majestically simple forms that model the intervening air and light. Shadows falling in regular surges entice ramblers in the houses to slow and musingly peace-loving ambles. /—/

Photographer as a Guide for the Viewer

What is Maasik’s relationship with the pale world? He knows what angle to choose and what image to capture. He enlivens his photos of buildings with professional texture and meaning, which may easily not be noticed by the layman. In this trip to a historical architectural treasure, he has certainly had an image of magical realism of Giorgio De Chirico’s paintings, which at one time also influenced Rossi’s worldview. Through Maasik’s photos, all this mysticism has been reborn and has arrived live in the City Gallery. As an author he puts himself in the background, he is rather a medium, an opening into history that is activated by a click, and which we too can be part of by swaying on its edge. Such a sensitive and educational guide is not often found in the art world.