Orthodox churches, convents and chapels in Estonia

Orthodox Churches, Convents and Chapels in Estonia, a book produced in cooperation with Aleksandr Pantelejev, Martin Pedanik and Jaanus Plaat, is a thoroughly annotated photo album in Estonian, Russian and English. This book provides the first complete survey of all the Orthodox churches, convents and chapels (incl. the traditional Seto chapels) in Estonia starting from the 11thcentury until the present day. The architectural characteristics and construction stories of 178 Orthodox houses of houses are described, along with the histories of their congregations. Besides photos of all the Orthodox sacral buildings in Estonia (incl. the churches in ruins), the book includes dozens of church plans along with maps. The photos were taken between 2007 and 2011. There was no time to wait for the right light or even any people to let us into the buildings but most of the pictures are successful.