Two To Tangle

My photo exhibition titled “Two to Tangle” has its opening reception at Laterna Magica gallery (Rauhankatu 7) on February 11 2014 5 to 7 PM. Gallery hours are Monday to Friday 11 AM to 1.30 PM and 2 to 5.30 PM, Saturdays 12 AM to 3 PM. The exhibition is open until March 1 2014.

One of my friends has described my photographs this way, it is worth quoting again here in the context of this exhibition:

“Arne ́s photos are never mazes or prisons. They are tangles. He gives us the chance and the time to choose freely how to look at the world around us. It is an everyday world that he masterfully represents with commendable honesty. To the tangles of the large cities of our time he juxtaposes those of his homelands natural landscape. Skyscrapers and twigs, needles and spires, heaps, branches, buildings, stacks, blades, bridges leaves, bushes, streets, piles, stands, churches, shrubs,trees. Plants and buildings, intertwined, twisted, ravelled, coiled, clustered. An account so extensive, relentless, unfaltering and resolute we cannot help but to dive-in and begin to wander inside the tangles, urban dwellers as we are, of a world so close to us and yet far, as time sets still and eternity seems to prevail.”

Thanks Giuseppe and thank you for visiting!