Spazio Dato

Arne Maasik, Given Space/Spazio Dato, Complesso del Vittoriano, Rome, through 15 June 2014.

The exhibition in Rome is a exploration of the threshold concept in photography. With ‘Given Space/Spazio Dato’, I try to overcome this theme with a work which balances light and perspective. No matter what the represented subject is – a city, a tangle of vegetation, an empty room – it should embrace the observer and take him in front of an edge. Dissolving the idea of space, the threshold itself becomes a sort of moving door. I have chosen to print the shots on canvas because it is a surface where there is no flow, it absorbs the light and gives more density to the images.

Given Space/Spazio Dato, Complesso del Vittoriano, Rome, is open through 15 June 2014.

Thank you for making the show happen:

  • – Cultural Endowment of Estonia
  • – Estonian Embassy in Rome
  • – Associazione Italia Estonia

Curator: Giuseppe Provenzano; Testo Critico Natur-Alia: Serena Dell’Aira; Organizzazione generale della mostra: Comunicare Organizzando; Presidente: Alessandro Nicosia; Responsabile Mostra: Maria Cristina Bettini; Responsabile spazio museale: Francesco Lozzi; Coordinamento generale spazio museale; Sabrina Ruben; Segreteria generale spazio museale: Francesca Mazza; Servizi tecnici: Mihai Virga, Mirko Furkas